Vintage Computer & Games Console Repairs

Following my retirement, I will no longer be offering a repair service for vintage computers and games consoles. As I do have a good stock of Amiga spare parts, however, I will accept Amiga repair work / re-capping etc. for a limited time.
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I repair or service many vintage computers and game consoles: Please enquire

Commodore - Amiga - CD32 From £79.95

I can offer a re-capping service at a fixed price on a number of computers / games consoles.For details of a typical job please see - Re-Cappping an Amiga A1200

Recapping example costs:
Amiga 500 / 500+ - £42.95
Amiga 600 - £42.95 standard, £59.95 polymer
Amiga 1200 - £42.95 standard, £59.95 polymer
Amiga CD32 - £44.95 standard, £79.95 polymer
Amiga 2000 - £69.95
Amiga 3000 - £69.95
Amiga 4000 - £42.95 standard, £59.95 polymer
Commodore C64 - £42.95
Commodore VIC20 - £43.95
ZX Spectrum 48k - £47.95
ZX Spectrum 128k - £48.95
ZX Spectrum Plus 2 (Grey) - £42.95
ZX Spectrum Plus 2A / B (Black) - £39.95
ZX Spectrum Plus 3 (Black) - £39.95
BBC Micro Power Supply - £39.95
Mac Classic Logic Board - £42.95
Mac Colour Logic Board - £42.95
Mac SE/30 Logic Board - £44.95

Polymer capacitors are more expensive than standard electrolytics, but have the following advantages:
Lower ESR/higher allowable ripple current
No dry-out behaviour (unlike aluminium capacitors)
Higher expected lifetime/load life

Prices include return shipping (UK only) and are subject to inspection of the board. Also, please be aware that while re-capping can often fix odd faults, that this is not a guaranteed repair service.

Capacitor kits are also available for most computers / consoles for those who prefer to fit the replacements themselves.
Amiga A500+ repairs - if your Amiga A500+ has a leaking battery and you don't want to swap it out for an A500++ board (ask me for details on these), then I may still be able to help. To clean up corrosion damage, replace damaged parts, and fix corroded traces will usually cost between £60 and £90 plus shipping - if you send a few photographs of the damaged area I may be able to be a bit more accurate, but this type of repair is always subject to physical inspection of the board and is it is not guaranteed that a fix will always be possible or that extra parts may not be required. A minimum charge of £25 will always apply to boards with battery leakage even if a repair is not possible due to the time I need to spend in cleaning and checking traces etc.

AMIGA 500+ : AMIGA 2000

I am now offering a new service to Amiga A500+ and A2000 owners who have been plagued by corrosion due to leaking batteries. New main boards have been reverse engineered to replace the corrosion damaged board in these computers. Boards can be purchased separately, but for those who donít feel confident enough with their soldering skill (there are a LOT of solder joints to make Ė over 1800!), I can offer a full service build using a mixture of new parts (where available) and original parts from damaged boards.
All integrated circuits are supplied fitted into sockets for easy troubleshooting in the future.
The replacement board uses a replaceable battery (CR2032) rather than the old Varta one, and has a slightly modified circuit to accommodate the change. Please note that courier restrictions means that I am not always able to supply a suitable battery with the board, but CR2032 batteries are widely available and should be purchased locally.
Boards are normally available in Blue, Red, White, Purple or Black colour - please ask about availability.
PLEASE NOTE: Boards are made to order - I would normally expect to take between 2 and 3 weeks from receipt of your original board until the replacement board is ready. Please note that the price for this service assumes you are sending the board only, no case, disk drive, keyboard, power supply etc. Please contact me if you need extra work to be done, or for current prices

Kits of parts are also available for both A500+ and A2000 boards.

For Amiga A500+ Reproduction Boards and Component List Please Click Here

For Amiga A2000 Reproduction Boards and Component List Please Click Here

For Amiga A2000 EATX Reproduction Boards and Component List Please Click Here

For ZX Spectrum Reproduction Boards and Component List Please Click Here

Please complete this Mail-In-Form to book a repair and send with your computer or console. Please email me first to check I am available - if I take more than a day or so to answer I may be on holiday or otherwise engaged but will respond as soon as I can. contact me for more details.


I have been asked a few times about warranties on my repairs, so here is an explanation of how I work. In the 1980s I started my own business repairing and manufacturing computers. I worked primarily on Spectrums, C64 and BBC Micros, but also on other home computers and PCs from IBM, etc. I did this for some while, then worked in technical support roles until retiring in 2004. I am now a hobbyist who enjoys repairing old computers and the like, not a business. I sell and repair machines from time to time to help fund my own collection of computers, test equipment, tools etc. and as such I don't make large profits and am unable to offer the sort of warranty you are likely to get on new items. Also, due to the age of the computers I repair, there is a larger risk of component failure than with new parts. Accordingly, in the event of any failure of a repair that I have undertaken (other than cosmetic), I will further repair free of any labour costs for at least 3 months from date of original repair. I would expect you to pay shipping (both ways) and the cost of any parts used. After 3 months I will work on a case-by-case basis, but will try and be as flexible as I can.

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